5 DIY Ideas with Laser Level

Last updated on October 21, 2023

A laser level is a lot more useful than you think. Here are five DIY projects that can benefit greatly from it. Read on!

Laser levels vary in their use and complexity. Determining the best one for your needs will depend on which projects you want to do. However, whether you are choosing a Leica laser level or the best rotary laser level, you will find that these tools can help make your project more enjoyable and also guarantee better results from your DIY projects. Here are five DIY ideas that you can use with your laser level.

Hanging Wall Art

When you want to hang several pictures accurately and more evenly spaced, then investing in a Leica laser level is an excellent idea. If you merely want the photos to be on a straight line on one wall, then hold the level against it and either choose the self-align option or manually align it.

Next, project your straight line and then mark the ideal spots where you will hang your photos. You can even add a tripod to your set up to help you project your laser line when you are working on multiple walls at the same time.

Installing Objects Across Diagonal Lines

When you want a diagonally descending or ascending progression in your DIY project, then you no longer need to complex mathematics calculations. Just get a Leica laser level and use it for projecting diagonal lines where you want them and then make the necessary spots.

This particular technique is ideal for wall-mounted handrails for a stairway. Project the diagonal line to the right angle where it would sit and then mark spots before installing your handrail hardware.

Putting Up Heavy or Large Objects on Walls

A huge benefit of using the best rotary laser level is the fact that it can assist you in following the wall’s stud line whenever you are installing heavy items. That benefit is even more helpful when the thing you want to install is a three-dimensional product, such as a decorative shelf, kitchen cabinet, or storage box. The first step here is to locate your stud and then use that spot to project a vertical line along the length of the wall.


The best rotary laser level will likely be one of the essential tools for every professional landscaper. That is because these levels help landscapers to figure out the specific area grade and where they need to alter the land to create the required design.

Landscapers must have this data to create a better-looking and smooth surface. If you have a DIY landscaping project, then it helps to have a laser level to get professional-level results.


When you have a home construction project, using the best rotary laser level can help you save labor and time. It will also increase your accuracy, which is critical to ensure that whatever you’re building is on level ground, especially when dealing with concrete pours. Most setups even allow users to work alone, mainly if you use laser detectors.


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