3 Tips to Take Better Care of Your Windows

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy something and it would run perfectly for the rest of your life? There would be no need to clean it, keep it up so it would run perfectly till the end of time.

Unfortunately, nothing really works that way and everything requires constant maintenance and cleaning, especially the things in and around your house. As you well know, owning a house is difficult. There are plenty of steps to take so you can make sure your house is well-maintained. Consistent work is like studying for that big test; a little bit each day means you won’t have to cram it all in 12 hours before the big exam.

Except in this case, cramming it all in usually means fixing something or paying someone to come out and fix something. 

You might think your windows just need a bit of Windex here and there, but there are plenty of other steps you can take in order to make sure you’re windows and squeaky clean and long-lasting.

What's Inside?

Regular Cleaning

window cleaning

This part is the most obvious and the part you have the best grasp on. There’s nothing too difficult about grabbing a set of paper towels and a bottle of Windex, vinegar,  or 409. It’s so easy, you can even assign your seven year old to knock it out (unless, of course, they think that blue liquid looks delicious and refreshing). 

The best method for washing is to first take a slightly damp rag or paper towel and wipe off the windows so you can remove any big dust particles or dirt there. 

Then, you’ll want to get to spraying or applying your cleaning supply, wiping it off with a paper towel in regular strokes. Make sure you follow a pattern so you’ll avoid any streaks on the windows. 

Lastly, take a dry rag or paper towels to make sure you dry it off. 

If you’ve gotten wooden, you’ll want to go easy on the water or cleaning liquid as you don’t want any buildup or rot on your windows.

Make sure you check the area around your windows as well so you avoid any debris buildup and check for areas of leakage or moisture entering the area.

The Ol’ Eye Check


Besides regular cleaning, make sure you’re giving your windows a regular inspection, checking for any damages, leaks or places where you can see your weather stripping coming off.

Be sure and check your window sills too, as dead bugs and debris can quickly build up, becoming something nasty that greets you when open up your house to take in that sweet summer air. 

Look for areas where the sun or wind has caused the borders to break or show signs of wear and tear. Look for any damaged parts and try to attend to them as fast as you can. Any damages left untouched will just become bigger and bigger problems down the road. 

If you don’t like high energy bills, sealing is one of the most important things you’ll have to look at. Sealing keeps any outside air from coming in and makes sure what’s in your house stays in your house as well. 

When it comes to the exterior of your windows, you should be re-painting them once every three years. This will not only keep your windows looking great, but will also stave off any more wear and tear over time.

If you live in an area where a lot of condensation is building up, keep a fan running and be sure to open your windows to air out your house on a regular basis. 

Replacing Your Windows

Even though you could be a DIY master, replacing your windows is a tough task and something that should be left to the window replacement professionals. It is a hard task that is often a bit more difficult than it appears. 

Not all windows are made the same either, so what may work in one part of your house could prove to be more difficult on the other side. But to get the most out of your windows and make sure they don’t affect your house and electricity bills, invest in a professional service and find another DIY project you can be the master of!

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