3 Tips for Finding Student Housing

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When looking for the ideal student housing, it’s sometimes difficult to find a place that’s the perfect fit. You look around at some of your options but nothing seems to vibe for one reason or another. Why? You struggle because you haven’t taken a moment to sit down and figure out exactly what you need from your new digs.

Whether you’re moving to apartments near UC Davis or another major university in another part of the US definitely needs to play a role in your thinking. Are you going to university in the United States? Or are you looking for housing while studying abroad?

No matter how you answered, please know that we have some excellent tips to help you find the perfect housing to meet your needs. So keep reading to discover this information below.

What's Inside?

Tip #1: Pick the Right Type of Housing Based on Your Preferences

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Are you the type of person that likes to live in a dormitory with loads of other students? Or would you prefer off-campus housing? How does living in a house with eight other students sound to you? Is that to your liking? Or would you prefer to rent an apartment by yourself or maybe with one other person?

Before you can even consider a particular place, you need to really think about your preferences and how you intend to live. If you plan on being a party animal the entire time you’re at school, you’ll probably prefer moving into a house with lots of other party animals just like you.

Or if you plan on taking your studies seriously, you might benefit from moving into an apartment by yourself. Or maybe you wouldn’t mind living in an apartment with one or two other people, as long as they are also focused on their studies as well.

So think about what you’re attempting to get out of college. Are you really there to learn? Or are you more focused on socializing and enjoying a party atmosphere? Once you answer these questions you’ll be one step closer to discovering the right type of housing to meet your needs.

Tip #2: Research the Neighborhoods Near Your University


For those who intend to move into a dormitory, you really won’t need to spend too much time researching the neighborhood. You already know where you’re going to live and it isn’t going to change as long as you stay in the dorms.

For those looking for off-campus housing, you need to really focus on the various neighborhoods in and around your University. Why? To put it simply, you may want to live off-campus but still remain relatively close like within walking distance. Or you may have a car and wouldn’t mind driving 5 to 10 miles to get to school so living on the outskirts of your college town is a definite possibility. Or maybe you might not mind taking a bus or another form of public transportation to get to class.

So research is very important. Plus, you’ll want to learn about the various places to go to in your neighborhood. Is there a grocery store nearby? Are any of the local student hotspots close to your favorite neighborhood? How about restaurants and other amenities?

Tip #3: How Much Are You Willing to Spend?


Some students have no choice in the matter. They have to stay in the dormitory because they have no money to rent a house or an apartment. Other students have the luxury of living off-campus. But that doesn’t mean they have unlimited funds to throw around unless they happen to be rich.

So figure out your budget for the semester. Once that’s been determined, you can then begin looking at housing options in your price range. Choose the best housing you can afford and enjoy your time away from home, most likely for the very first time.

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