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I have always admired nice curtains in the interior design if they were there not just to hide the room from the outside world. After all, they do take a lot of precious wall space so they better occupy it with a reason. What makes the curtains or window blinds perfect? It’s not so much the design itself (it’s good as long as it fits in the rest of decor) but how they’re being used, if there’s an idea behind their style, if they make you feel in a certain way. So I went ahead looking for the DIY curtains and window blind designs that do it and here are 25 that I think are quite there.

Beige curtains

Classic curtains make it right – the room looks “dressed”.

Beige curtains

Plain white blinds are boring, these make a sunset gradient which makes the room look vibrant.

Colorful blinds

Don’t forget the kids and how the curtains makes them feel.

Disneys curtains

I’m a sucker for floral patterns because they make the room look vintage and sophisticated.

Floral curtains

Floral curtains

Floral curtains

Floral curtains

And here’s what a touch of gold does to a room.

Golden curtains

Grey curtains

These are just the first 10 wonderful curtain designs, continue to the next page to see 15 more.

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