Sometimes you just don’t want to have single color walls. You can go with patterns, murals, wallpapers, wall art – the possibilities are endless. But today I want to explore a different, rarely used option – ombre colors.

Ombre, in other words color gradient, is simply a transition of one color shade gradually into a different shade of the same color, or entirely different color at all. We have different options with ombre too, we can use a strict gradual transition or painting like hand made brush transition. We can have just a play of colors or create a scene. So let’s explore all of these options.

Here’s a simple brush grey ombre wall with a soothing effect.

The play of colors can be quite chaotic but that’s what makes it eye-catchy.

Pale grey transitioning into red – it gives a shabby chic like style.

A wonderful scene created using ombre colors and wall art.

The colors can be layered.

This design is very clean and delicate.

Like a painting of an artist.

Yellow ombre colors for a highlight.

Layering colors to create a mountains scene.


Beautiful sunset ombre for a bedroom.

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Green ombre gives a very fresh look.

So does yellow.

Purple is playful and luxurious.