23 Reasons Why Deep Navy Blue is the New Black

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Navy blue as a color in interior design is traditional and timeless. It creates a sophisticated look and casts just a little bit of a mysterious vibe on the look of a room. And because this color with its variations is one of decor classics, you can almost never go wrong with it as you would with black.

Compared to black, navy blue is just a tad more “dangerous” with its mysterious qualities. Perhaps that’s why we’ve seen these colors being switched lately in the interior design trends. “Safe” is being redefined as navy blue is used for kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles and everywhere where neutral classic is to be expected. And yet we can see how much charm this switch actually adds to interiors.

What's Inside?

Love the navy blue bathroom walls and silver mirror frame
Source: www.hollybender.com

Bathroom walls painted navy blue create a dark decor scheme. Contrasted with white marble floor and metallic accents of the mirror and light fixtures create a luxurious look.

Love the honeycomb kitchen backsplash tile in blue and navy colors
Source: www.2ndtruth.com

This kitchen backsplash takes navy blue to the next level with a mosaic in different shades of the color. Honeycomb is an interesting pattern that allows the color to flourish. Contrasted with white glossy cabinets and brass accents makes a winning combination in this color scheme.

Love the navy blue bathroom counter with marble sink
Source: wearehuntly.com.au

Choosing navy blue tiles in this bathroom decor is the right option as we can see how much contrast it creates with white shelves and bright but soft walls. There’s so much drama in this design yet you can feel the sophistication.

Classic Navy Blue Walls and Floor

Love this classic navy blue decor of the dining room
Source: www.theeffortlesschic.com

Choosing navy blue walls and flooring is a risky option but it works really well in this case. The dark theme doesn’t overcrowd the room as it is broken with lots of wooden accents and contrasting wall art.

Love the navy blue cabinets and fireplace - a very sophisticated look
Source: elledecoration.co.za

When you choose dark navy blue as a background, it creates so much decor interest when you put a lot of bright pieces in the foreground. This works really well with display cabinets.

Love the navy blue decor with copper accents
Source: fairlylight.wordpress.com

As you’ve probably noticed, navy blue works so well with brass and copper accents. Seeing that the latter is also trending, we’re really pushing the edge by combining the two.

Love the navy blue cabinet contrasting against the white walls
Source: norskeinteriorblogger.blogspot.com

As a traditional color and one that can replace black, it works as an accent too. White walls make the perfect background for a deep blue cabinet and help it stand out.

Glossy Kitchen Cabinets

Love the glossy navy blue kitchen cabinets
Source: www.blairharris.com

We’ve had black glossy surfaces that create luxe accents, the same can be done with navy blue. This kitchen design oozes sophistication with deep blue cabinets, solid wood counters and subway tiles.

Love the combination of navy blue cabinets and rustic wood tables
Source: www.peabodysinteriors.com

We’ve already seen how well navy blue works with wood accents and it can be used the other way around. Dark blue makes classy accents in decor dominated by rustic wood.

Love the navy blue and white kitchen decor
Source: www.andrewjhoward.com

White kitchen walls with black (or grey) cabinets is considered a timeless classic. But you can add just a little bit more decor interest with dark navy blue.

Love the navy blue interior with white accents and wall art
Source: www.traditionalhome.com

Whenever you have navy blue walls, they can always be decorated with white accents for a timeless classic look.

Deep Blue Velvet

Love the navy blue interior and deep blue velvet sofa
Via Pinterest

Velvet as decor material may as well make its rounds to design trends too. A sofa covered in deep blue velvet makes a soft accent and it works against dark backgrounds as well as a contrasting piece against white walls.

Rustic Navy Blue

Love the rustic decor and navy blue walls
Source: mydesignchic.com

Here’s another case of navy blue walls adding sophistication to rustic decor. We really love how it makes the worn down look become classic.

Deep Blue Staircase

Love the deep blue staircase carpeting
Source: www.houzz.com

Used as carpeting on the staircase navy blue is a great alternative to grey and black. Again, it is the case of adding just a little bit more decor interest.

Love these marble and navy blue kitchen cabinets
Source: britishstandardcupboards.co.uk

Marble is classic and luxe, and we know really well how it works with black. But it’s even better with navy blue and copper accents. This is a truly luxe combination.

Dominant Navy Blue Decor

Love the mysterious vibe of this navy blue color scheme decor
Source: www.madaboutthehouse.com

You can of course go with fully deep blue decor for a very dramatic look. In this case, warm rustic wood furniture is used in contrast to the dark theme.

Love the navy blue walls in this kitchen decor
Source: firsthome.tumblr.com

Likewise, navy blue kitchen walls work well with white cabinets and create a timeless classic look.

Deep Blue Chalkboard Cabinets

Love the chalkboard navy blue cabinets
Source: facebook.com

We always like to add more decor interest in any way possible. Using chalkboard paint adds texture that makes this design very attractive.

Love the look of the navy blue and wood
Source: www.livesimplybyannie.com

Here’s another great example of navy blue being used with wood accents as a winning combination. There are so many things to like in this kitchen design, from dark navy blue cabinets, to wooden counters, subway tiles, hardwood floors, metallic accents and rustic wood ceiling beam accents.

Agate Coasters

Source: www.pinterest.com
Source: www.etsy.com

Finally, you can add navy blue in small accents, even coasters will do, and you can even DIY. Blue agate is the perfect material for natural navy blue shades.

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