With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we all want to decorate our homes to prepare for the occasion. This holiday is not only about festive dinner, it’s also about decorating the dinner table and the room to create a pleasant experience for everyone.

Not only that, decorating your home in a way that you can leave everything up until Christmas is sure to leave a lasting impression as well as save you some work. So here are 23 ideas for easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations that we love and think are worthy to stay around.

Thanksgiving Wreath

Start with a Thanksgiving wreath in the spirit of the fall season with dried branches and colorful maple leaves. The monogram of your family name is a nice addition.

Thanksgiving Jar

What are you thankful for this year? Create a jar at home for all the family and guests to leave a note.

Pumpkin Vase

The fall season is never without pumpkins and you can enjoy lovely decor by making a vase from one. It makes a lovely vignette arrangement or a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Candles

If you’re decorating late, you have to do it fast. Here’s how you can create quick and easy Thanksgiving decorations that will look beautiful.

Printed Burlap

Create a beautiful table runner for DIY Thanksgiving decor

Tutorial: ispydiy.com

This technique of transferring print to burlap will allow you to create a wonderful table runner for your Thanksgiving decor.

Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

Make easy DIY cinnamon scented pinecones for Thanksgiving decor

Tutorial: www.ehow.com

Make these scented pinecones to not only decorate your home visually but spread pleasant cinnamon scent as well. You will enjoy this decor accent for weeks to come after Thanksgiving too.

Porch Decor

First things first, you have to decorate your front door and porch. Here’s a lovely idea to decorate it in a simple but adorable way with burlap and pinecones.

Thanksgiving Bottle Vases

Love the idea for the DIY bottle vases for Thanksgiving decor

Idea via: www.etsy.com

Spray painted bottles in orange will serve perfectly as Thanksgiving table centerpieces. Use wheat or dried branches to create decorative vignettes.

Fall Leave Garlands

Orange maple leave garlands aren’t just great fall decor accents, they work well to decorate your doorways and walls for a statement Thanksgiving decor.

The Thankful Tree

Similar to the Thanksgiving jar, the Thankful tree is a great way to show your appreciation for things you are thankful and create a decor piece of it.

Simple Thanksgiving Wreath

And here’s another easy way to create a Thanksgiving Wreath. It’s the perfect option if you’re in a hurry and want to quickly come up with a beautiful decoration.

Wine Cork Pumpkin

Quirky decor accents like this wine cork pumpkin is a great way to surprise your guests and make your Thanksgiving decor truly exceptional.

Pumpkin Serving Tray

Easy tutorial for a DIY Pumpkin serving tray for Thanksgiving decor

Tutorial: valeventgal.com

If your Thanksgiving table needs more decorating, try making this whimsical pumpkin serving tray. It will definitely get oohs and aahs from your guests.

Copper Pumpkins Centerpiece

While plastic pumpkin decorations are cheap, you can spray paint them in copper and get a chic style table centerpiece. Your guests will appreciate a modern take on Thanksgiving decor.

Pumpkin Flower Arrangements

You can make lovely flower arrangements using a pumpkin as a pot. Follow this easy and simple tutorial to see how.

Decorative Wheelbarrow

If you’re into woodworking crafts you’ll definitely love this idea for a decorative wheelbarrow. Fill it with pumpkins, flowers and other produce for a remarkable Thanksgiving decoration.

Pumpkin Ice Bucket

Another great idea for your Thanksgiving dinner table decor is this easy to make pumpkin ice bucket. It’s simple enough yet it will add a lot of appeal to your decorations.

Yarn Pumpkins

Yarn pumpkins are lovely little accents to add to your decor for Thanksgiving festivities. They are very easy to make too.

Indian Corn Centerpiece

Lovely idea for a DIY Indian corn centerpiece for Thanksgiving decor

Tutorial: eddieross.com

Corn is another Thanksgiving attribute that you probably cannot do without. Make a centerpiece about it and it will be the best focal point of your decor as well.

Thanksgiving Garland

Make a special garland for this special occasion. A simple but adorable “give thanks” letter garland is the perfect way to do it.

Rustic Centerpiece

This easy to make rustic centerpiece doesn’t take long to make but it’s a very high impact accent that your guests will absolutely love. Try making it from dried twigs.

Thank You Jar

We love this idea for a “Thank You” jar to add your thank you notes and thoughts all year round.

Barrel Centerpiece

Love the idea for a DIY barrel Thanksgiving centerpiece

Idea via: www.homedit.com

This lovely rustic barrel centerpiece idea is as good an idea for Thanksgiving decor as it is for any vignette anytime after the holiday.