Floor space is precious commodity, especially in smaller, less roomy homes. DIY hanging shelves and tables provide an awesome solution for homeowners who are unwilling to sacrifice style and function, even if the space is limited. These additional storage or display spaces can effortlessly enhance room organization and improve the visual impact of the space.

One of the amazing features of DIY hanging shelves and tables is the option of hanging them in awkward corners. They can also be stacked as high as you can reach. These amazing solutions can be designed to ensure that the space feel clutter free. You can try the DIY projects below for different organization solutions or to carry out any function you desire.

Patio Hanging Table

This hanging table is ideal for a patio, especially a smaller one.  Chairs and other furnishing can take up a lot of room and there might not be any space for a book, a drink or a phone.  To achieve a farmhouse style, some breadboard ends were added.

Pallet Hanging Shelving

This shelf is reminiscent of an old-fashioned wooden swing and it can infuse any space with style and function.  This rustic masterpiece is great for displaying plants, pictures or any of your favorite accessories.  This shelving is sure to bring nostalgic charm to any space.

Hanging Rope Shelving

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This hanging rope shelving is a great way to eliminate a blank wall or add something cool to an empty corner.  Being suspended from the ceiling, it also helps you to avoid putting holes in the walls.  Additionally, it provides a cool way to display beautiful accessories.

Rope Wall Shelving

This project can be tackled by the dedicated weekend warrior who is committed to bringing style and function to a space.  If you have been toying with the idea of putting up shelves around your home, this could just be the project for you.  Get your wood, rope and other necessities together and let those creative juices flow.

Hanging Rope Shelves Made Easy

These shelves provide a beautiful space to artfully display a number of prints you have not yet committed to framing.  They also help you to avoid putting tons of holes into the walls.  This is especially beneficial to renters who want to ensure that they get their security deposit back after moving out.

DIY Hanging Rope Shelves

These shelves can totally transform a room and one of their best features is that it doesn’t cost a lot to make them.  They are perfect for displaying plants, books and a number of other decorative items.  The combination of the wood and the rope makes them as visually appealing as they are functional.

Simple Rope Shelf

Check out the tutorial how to make a simple DIY hanging rope shelf

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Shelves can add so much function and aesthetic appeal to a well-designed space.  The height and depth of these shelves can be fully customized to satisfy your specific needs and design preference.  They have the capacity to put a finishing touch on the space and can make the room cozier and more spectacular.

Easy DIY Rope Shelf

If you love to rearrange furniture to revamp the look of your space or you move a lot, this shelf is a great choice for you.  Building and attaching it to the wall is easy.  Don’t be surprised if you feel empowered after firing up your drill and creating this shelf.

Pulley Hanging Table

This versatile hanging table is designed to carry out many functions.  It can be used as a resting place for your book, computer or a cup of coffee or tea.  Its capacity to be raised and lowered will make it an incredible asset to a number of individuals.

Floating Shelf

This floating shelf provides a wonderful way to display your plants and succulents.  Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, but it can be used to display a number of decorative items.  Its minimalist lines and understated sophistication make it ideal for a contemporary space.

Hanging Pallet Side Table

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This type of table is what the dreams of environmentally-conscious individuals are made of.  Created from recycled pallets, it can provide a good place to display accessories.  After dismantling the pallet, it is time to put the pieces back together to make a rustic hanging table.

Hanging Closet Crate Shelves

These storage crate shelves are ideal for storing baby supplies and other items.  They provide remarkable organization for the closet and can also be visually appealing.  The crates are not refined when purchased and could use some sanding and painting.  A bit of elbow grease gets them ready for hanging.

Outdoor Hanging Table

Creating this hanging table involves the use of pine boards, scrap lumber, exterior wood screws, Liquid Nails and wire cable clamps.  A simple painting technique is also used to achieve a weathered look. This relatively large hanging table is quite functional and can be used to display decorative items as well.

Hanging Walnut Wood Table

This hanging table is a great addition, especially in smaller spaces that lack style and function.  Made out of black walnut, this hanging table can serve as a cool, contemporary version of a bedside table.  It provides a great space for books and other decorative items.

Hanging Nightstand

Looking for an interesting nightstand solution for a small bedroom? Save space by hanging it from the ceiling. This DIY project will allow you to build this easy nightstand with a lot of decor interest.

Round Hanging Shelf

Adding decor interest via small decorative shelves is a simple yet very useful technique. It doesn’t take much space or effort to install one but the impact you can make to bedroom decor is quite significant.

Hanging Rope Shelf

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You can save a lot on shelving units if you create these suspended shelves out of cheap boards.