It’s that time of the year again when we go all in decorating our homes for the holidays. We all want to create an amazing Christmas experience for our family and we will stop at nothing to do that. So, up go the garlands, toys and ornaments, fairy lights and Christmas trees.

To be truly unique this year we invite you to think outside of the box and get inspired for something out of the ordinary. And while classic decorations are necessary, your home will be exceptionally festive with some of these DIY Christmas decorations.

Popsicle Snowflakes

It’s very easy to glue together a snowflake from popsicles and you get a cheap unique Christmas decoration in modern style. It’s a fun little project that you can engage your whole family in too.

Lighted Burlap Garland

String lights are classic but who wants to limit themselves to standard garlands. Improve your Christmas lights by using colored burlap to create beautiful lighted garlands.

Wire Hanger Wreath

Making a Christmas wreath is a lot easier than you think if you know a trick or two. Here’s how you can make a beautiful and very easy wreath by using wire hanger.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Make wonderful DIY snowflakes from coffee filters


Those paper snowflakes in the window are so lovely. Here’s how you can make this craft even better by using coffee filters to make them.

Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

You can find a lot of brilliant ideas in stores and catalogs for Christmas decorations. These lovely felt trees are found on Target and here’s how you can make your own (and have fun while doing it).

Glam Garland Wreath

Easy to make and very glamorous DIY Christmas garland wreath


If you like modern Christmas decorations and minimalist style, you’ll love this glamorous garland wreath. So very simple to make and such a high impact on your Christmas decor.

Easy Christmas Garland

Garlands are always fun and they are a necessary classic. Making them is not always that simple so here’s a tutorial for you. Fun, creative and very Christmasy.

White Fur Letters

We need lots and lots of fake snow in our Christmas decor. Usually it’s wool that we use to create it. Here’s another accent for displays – white fur letters.

Wooden Sled Ornament

This may be a very small Christmas ornament but its very cute. Make it from popsicles for your Christmas tree or any festive display.

PVC Pipe Wreath

If you like to be different and unique in your decorations, try this PVC pipe wreath idea. It’s a nice modern approach to contemporary Christmas decor.

Paper Cube String Lights

Here’s another way to make string lights more beautiful. Make these cute little cubes from paper. Follow the step by step instructions in the tutorial.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Some ideas are so very simple yet they make all the difference. So does this pine cone Christmas tree idea. Alternatively, you can decorate each little tree to your liking with miniature ornaments.

Snowman Fridge

Have you ever noticed that your white fridge already looks a bit like a snowman. Make it a proper snowman by decorating it for Christmas – it’s a very simple yet fun thing to do.

Tea Light Paper Houses

Chances are you’re going to use tea lights in your Christmas decorations. Make it special by creating little paper houses for your displays.

Wine Cork Trees

Use any wine corks you have for small Christmas ornaments such as these lovely little trees. It’s a simple display but it will make your Christmas decorations just a little bit more unique.