One of the best things you can do to decorate your home is to make it look original and personal, make it really about you. The best compliment you can get is not that your home is beautiful (although it’s nice to hear that), but that it’s easy to tell that you live there. In other words, the best decor is that which reflects your lifestyle.

It’s easier said that done, though, and there are techniques to be learned on how to make a home look original. Here are the top 15 ways interior designers use – you can use them to make your decor all about you.

Choose Accessories with Meaning

You can create beautiful decor with random store bought accessories but what really gets oohs and aahs is a display with personal items that tell a story. It can be memorabilia from your travels or past events, anything that you can tell your guests about.

Get a Unique Piece of Furniture

A vintage dresser, or a fancy side table, get any unique or fancy furniture that pops out in your decor to add instant personality.

Start a Collection

Collections tell a story, they are personal and original, and you might already have a collection of something that you haven’t even thought about. Music records, old cameras, phones, even postcards, any collection makes an accent when put on display.

Use Colors That Flatter You


Home decor starts with colors and you should use only those that appeal to your style. Choose those colors that you find pleasant, colors that other people associate you with. Perhaps it’s the color of your eyes, or the colors you like to wear, make them all about you.

Decorate with Things You Love

Before even starting to decorate, think about what you love, what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Bring only those things to your home that define you and make them define your home. That’s what makes home decor really personal.

Use Wall Signs


The decor of your home evolves over time and consists of little details that you add over time. So you will bring the accents that feel right and make you comfortable. Using wall signs is a simple way to convey a message and make a room a little more original.

Create Constrast

One of the best rules of home decor is to avoid uniformity because it looks cookie cutter and boring. So use contrasting furniture and styles, juxtapose things to create contrast.

Create Drama in Small Rooms

A small room looks most original when it’s the world of its own. So don’t be afraid to use a lot of detail, wall accents and patterns, color explosion to create dramatic decor.

Use Whimsical Elements

Nothing adds character better than small surprises around the home. Like this vintage flea market postbox placed in a living room.

Greet Guests with an Accent Piece

As soon as guests enter your home the first thing they see should set the mood and give a glimpse of what’s to come. Make the first impression count.

Use Curved Furniture

Soften the edges with curved furniture and your decor immediately breaks away from the default cookie cutter style.

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching furniture, materials and patterns is the major tool of creating original decor so make proper use of it. Avoid all matching furniture sets and try to mix in different finishes.

Make Use of Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are great to show off your hobbies, personal things and your life in general. But don’t overload the shelves, use empty space to emphasize and group items together. You shouldn’t try to put everything you have on display, pick things selectively and change them up from time to time.



Don’t forget that a display cabinet can find a place in other rooms than the living room, and it makes a great accent in the kitchen, for example.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors provide a unique way to add original accents while being functional. So find a place somewhere on your walls to make use of them in any room possible.

Wall Art and Pictures

Last but not least, and the most obvious way to make your home decor original is of course using wall art and pictures. It’s where you can really use your creativity and personalize. (Check out our examples of well decorated walls for ideas.)

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