What makes home decor truly great is giving it character of its own – something unique and personal that you’d not see in magazines or on Pinterest (unless you post your picture yourself). Only you can create this one of a kind design because it is your home and it should reflect your own personality.

To create decor character you may have to plan from the start – create accent walls, get unique furniture, add architectural elements, but what really makes it unique are the small details that you collect over time and your home decor continues to grow. Here are 12 ideas to draw inspiration from.

Use Quirky Decor Pieces

Nobody likes boring interior design, so add quirky and whimsical elements around the house. We love this idea of a cup and plate as a light fixture.

Switch Things Ups to Surprise

Source: www.soapfrenzy.com

Source: www.soapfrenzy.com

Nothing adds character better than small surprises around the house. Look around your home for things you already have and switch them around. An accent in an unlikely place makes a bigger impact than it normally would. Such as this leather chair in the bathroom.

Go Green

Houseplants always add character to your home so include them to your decor. Make sure you know what kind of houseplants fit your home.

Decorate with Unlikely Items

Add more surprises for character with items that are unlikely to be decorative, such a catch-all tray and old jars. Creating vignettes of random things can define your home in a unique way.

Dress the Windows

A lot can be said about window curtains and drapes but short of reinstalling the rods (make sure they’re high enough when you do) and buying new drapes, you can add little accents like this handmade valance curtain.

And you can use curtains in other places than the windows too, such as the headboard in your bedroom.

Update Your Lighting

Lighting is a huge part of home decor, so don’t settle with what the builders left you. Chances are they went with cheap cookie cutter fixtures just to be done with it. Lighting fixtures and chandeliers make great accents, though, and characterize your home.

An easier way to update the lighting without re-installing the fixtures is getting more freestanding shade lamps.

Mix Old and New

Breaking out of a uniform style is a trait of home decor with character. So get a piece of vintage furniture, or go the other way and get something very modern.

Make Way for Display

Character is all about display. Think in terms of every item as a display item, be it throw pillows, bottles, books or pictures. Use open display cabinets and create vignettes. Remember, you don’t have to do this all in one day, your home style evolves over time as you add and remove things.

Use Clocks

A decorative clock is a strong accent that’s both, functional and giving character. Consider having a clock in every room (even bathroom).

Make Use of the Unused Space

Unused space is unflattering and it’s the perfect place to create character. Use it for storage, houseplants, create vignettes. Try to go for something whimsical and unusual.

Mix and Match Cabinets

Cabinets all in one set are boring and do nothing to add character. Mix and match different cabinets, and if it’s too late (or too expensive) for that, paint them different accent colors, or even just replace the pull handles of the doors and drawers.

Lay an Accent Rug

Source: domino.com

Source: domino.com

A rug is not committing, you can easily move or replace it, but it can have a really big impact.

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