Storage is always one of the nagging problems in home decor that is not always so easy to solve. There are always things lying around the house, especially if you don’t live alone, and more so if you have kids. Sometimes it takes just a little more creativity to keep the clutter away from your home.

You could buy shelving, racks, boxes, baskets and other storage systems but that can add up to spending quite a lot. We’re all for saving some money, especially when it gets our creative juices flowing, so here are 12 very clever DIY storage ideas.

Under the Bed Rolling Storage

If you haven’t invested in a bed with a storage unit beforehand, it might be too committing to change the bed for you. That’s not a problem with this tutorial showing you how to use simple crates to add under the bed storage.

Canvas Baskets

Beautiful baskets are essential to home storage. You can put them on open shelves (read also about our picks for the best bookshelves for small spaces), under console tables, in corners to create drop zones, and they won’t disturb the decor with their attractive design. But unsurprisingly, they can get pretty pricey if bought in stores, especially when you need several of them. This tutorial shows you how you can make some yourself at the fraction of cost.

Hanging Storage Bins

Create these little useful storage bins that you can hang anywhere on a wall for storage of small things. They’re cute and have decor value too.

Milk Crate Ottoman

Functional furniture that doubles as seating and storage is extremely useful in keeping the clutter away. You can craft this wonderful ottoman from a simple milk crate, a piece of rope and some fabric. (Read also about our picks for the best sleeper sofas.)

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

If you have some spare PVC pipe from a recent renovation (or you can buy some), you’ll appreciate this idea for a shoe rack. Not only it provides a convenient organization for shoes, it makes an interesting decor feature too.

Rotating Utensil Rack

Cooking utensils can make quite a mess in the kitchen cabinet drawers and you may not have enough rack space available to hang them neatly. Use this idea for a rotating utensil rack that you can install under suspended cabinets.

Cute Storage Baskets from Old Boxes and Sweaters

This unbelievably cute storage basket idea is a proof of great things you can do with a little creativity from old materials that are just lying around. Follow the tutorial to upcycle a simple cardboard box and an old sweater.

Corner Shelves

Wall corners (especially by the doors) are rarely used effectively and stay empty. Add these little wood plank corner shelves for extra storage and display.

Crown Molding Shelf

Space above doors is rarely used because it’s not easy to make it work with the decor. The solution is using crown molding which adds architectural interest and makes a great decor feature while giving you some extra space for storage or display.

Space Under the Shelves

Shelves are great to store things but did you know you still may be leaving a lot of unused space under the shelves? If you screw the lids of jars to the surface, you can suspend these jars for extra storage of small things.

Cabinet Doors

This space is usually left empty but you can easily add hooks or little shelves for extra storage of small items in the kitchen.

Hanging Baskets in the Closet

Simply hang baskets on hooks in the closet for extra storage with easy access for small things.

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12 Genius DIY Storage Solutions