Pink is usually seen as overly girly but at the same time shades of pink can add a lot of energy, sophistication and even whimsy to your home decor. In addition to that, rose quartz is Pantone’s color of the year, so there’s even more reason to explore this color.

Today we’re making a case for the color pink and here are 12 reasons why you would do great to add it to your decor. Check out these pink home decor ideas.

Whimsical Door

Paint a door in soft washed out pink (which is what rose quartz really is) to create instant whimsy in your decor and make it anything but boring.

Rose Quartz Curtains on a Gilded or Brass Rod

The combination of soft pink and metallic brass or gold oozes sophistication. A soft hue can be seen as neutral almost like a creamy white but it still maintains a touch of luxe.

Trendy Rugs

Do you want to be trendy without committing? Choose a rug in large pattern and soft pink hues.

Mix Rose Quartz and Metallic

A blend of two trends – rose quartz and metallic brass or silver hardware gives your home a well rounded sophisticated look. If you want to use it as an accent, get a metallic lamp and a washed out pink chair for a quick and trendy look.

Pink Walls

You may be as brave as painting your walls pink and you have two choices here – make a small accent wall or paint the walls with just a touch of pink hue that can be considered neutral. Use metallic finishes to complement the look.

Rose Quartz Kitchen Countertop

Whether you get a real rose quartz material countertop or use a faux one, the pattern and texture will make a strong sophisticated accent, especially when used with dark cabinets.

Pink Furniture

Furniture in a very soft pink hue, again, can be seen as creamy neutral but still add a little class to your living room. It pairs really well with another trend – hardwood floor in a warm grey finish.

Rose Quartz Accent Pillows

If pink paint or furniture is simply not your thing, you can add little trendy accents with good old accent pillows. It’s simply too easy not to try.

Wall Art in Pink

Another easy way to add pink accents to your home is by getting wall art that incorporates pink hues. It’s not as bold but sophisticated enough.

Accessorize in Pink

Rose quartz as a material is perfect to accessorize, such as using these wonderful candle holders that you can add to any room’s decor.

Small Accents in Pink

Another way to be trendy in a small but still meaningful way is to add dashes of rose quartz color in DIY projects and other small accents.

Pink Bedding

Don’t forget the bedding and get a throw or covers in rose quartz or other soft hues of pink. Pair it with dark grey or black pillows.