As summer is just around the corner and the weather is already warm, it’s time to get our homes ready for a new season. Let’s get the summer vibes into our home decor and use the chance to refresh the look.

Here are 12 easy tips how you can quickly add some summery touches to your decor.

Nautical Accents

Summer and the sea are two peas in a pot, so having some nautical accents in your decor will bring that whimsical sea breeze into your home. It can be as simple as putting some rope in a glass bowl.

Create a Summery Wreath



Once the summer comes, greet your guests with a relaxed mood. This wreath made of slippers is whimsical and very summery.

Add Bright Colors

The more bright colors you can get into your home, the better. Use different accents, including houseplants.

Think About the Annoying Insects



Summer isn’t all about sunshine and good moods, there are some annoyances that you have to take care of. Make a mosquito repellent that can also work as a decor accent.

Change the Bedding

Take the chance to update your bedding, choose soft, sand and sea inspired hues.

Bring Wicker Furniture In

If you have wicker furniture, bring it in (or perhaps it’s time to invest in it). The soft and natural materials will make the room brighter and give that light summery feel to your home.

Get the Summer Patterns

Throw pillows should be the first to get those new covers with new summer patterns.

Decorate with Fruit and Scents

Decorating with fresh fruit will not only get those bright colors in, but add the fresh smells in as well. They’re just as good outside as they are in.

Add More Soft Blues

Blue reminds us of the sea and even if you don’t live anywhere near it, you can get that vibe with hues of blue. But don’t go overboard (pun not intended) with it – choose soft hues for a few pillows, slipcovers and, if you really want to commit, a new rug.

New Towels

Get new towels, but don’t buy the same color and pattern towels in a set. Instead, choose them in different shades, such as the summery blue.

Change Your Coffee Table

Source: Instagram

Summer is the time to relax and that means putting your feet up on the table as you lay back on the couch. Make sure that can happen by switching your coffee table to an ottoman or a pair of Chinese garden stools.

Garden Mirror

Frame a mirror in an old shutter for a faux window on the wall or the fence, or if you’re up for a little challenge, make a sunburst mirror frame out of sticks. A big mirror will make a small garden look bigger and look more like a room.