Marble has always been a material that adds a luxurious touch to home decor even if it’s faux. It’s been popping up in decor trends almost every year and it isn’t surprising to find some marble accents in any decor savvy person’s home. During the past year we’ve also seen more marble texture being used with wallpapers and tabletops, let alone tiling.

Today we’d like to go over decorating with marble accents again and offer you 12 easy DIY ways to do it. If you want to add some simple luxe accents to your home decor check out these projects. Don’t worry about expenses too, most of them can be done with paint or contact paper.

Marble Tray

Check out how to make this easy DIY marble tray from a marble tile


Here’s a simple DIY project to add an accent to your decor with marble. A tray made of a marble tile with metallic copper or silver handles looks luxurious and a single tile doesn’t cost that much to get. It can be used for serving or to create statement display vignettes.

Marble Planters

Check out how to make these easy DIY marble planters


Having plants at home is another chance to sprinkle some luxe with marble planters. And while buying them made of real marble can be a bit pricey, here’s how to transform simple planters with contact paper in marble pattern.

Marble Coasters

Making marble coasters is another great way to add small accents around your home and make it look classy. Here’s how you can make them without having to look for and splurge on the real deal.

Marble Wall Clock

Check out how to make an easy DIY marble wall clock


Wall clocks should make a comeback to home decor and what a great way to show off marble they are. You can make this classy wall clock from a marble tile and a clock kit easily at home.

Marble Bed Tray

Another marble tray project for you, this time it’s a bed tray. Why not spoil your significant other with a lovely breakfast in bed and do it in style?

Faux Marble Tabletop

Marble tabletops can add a lot more luxe to decor than small accents. Such a piece can easily become the focal point of the entire room and make it look classy or chic. The transformation is easy and all you need is contact paper in marble pattern.

Marble Picture Frame

Adding marble pattern to picture frames is quite an unexpected way to decorate and we love it. Create some luxurious whimsy at home with this simple technique using our favorite marble contact paper.

Marble Pattern Dish Towels

Marble pattern doesn’t necessarily have to go on solid objects and surfaces exclusively. You can use the pattern on towels or linens with the same effect. Here’s one technique how you can do it.

No Paint Faux Marble Countertop

A faux marble kitchen countertop done with contact paper may be a controversial technique but it’s an impressive option nonetheless. If you tend to go about your kitchen tasks carefully you may try this project at home.

Faux Marble Lamp

A great way to add sculptural interest to your decor is transforming a plain table lamp with marble paint. Use this tutorial to get the technique right and you can use it on many more objects that just a lamp.

Marble Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash is the perfect place to use a marble pattern for a lot of decor interest. It makes your kitchen look classy and luxe instantly and goes well together with just about any style.