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Electronic gadgets are irreplaceable in our lives but they have a very inconvenient feature – the wires and cables. Indeed, wouldn’t it be great if everything was wireless and we didn’t have to deal with the tangled mess that the TV, home office gadgets or various chargers leave. And perhaps one day the technology will get there, but meanwhile we have to sort it out ourselves.

And it’s actually not that difficult to hide the ugly wires if you have a bunch of go-to options to choose from. So today, we’re going to make it so much easier for you by providing a list of 11 sneaky tricks how to hide that ugliness in your home.

Tape or Hook Them to the Furniture

A simple way to make the cables “disappear” is to tape or hook them along the edges and legs of the tables and cabinets. If they don’t dangle and tangle, they’re much less of an eyesore.

Hide Them in Drawers

It’s pretty easy to hide extension cords in drawers and plug the electronics in while hidden rather then on the floor where they make a mess.

Hide Them Behind Panels



A great way to hide the TV cables is to install a wall panel behind it. It can be a DIY wooden panel, or even a framed fabric or canvas for a quick and easy solution.

Hide Them Behind a Curtain



A desk curtain is a quick and easy way to hide the cables behind your home office desk.

Create a Charging Station

Add an extension cord to an attractive box and you have a charging station that doesn’t look ugly. You can even label the holes to make it more organized.

DIY Cord Organizers

Simple binder clips make great makeshift cord organizers for your home office desk to help you avoid the tangled cable mess.

Hide them Behind Pictures

You can easily hide the cables behind furniture if the power outlet is down low. But if it’s higher on the wall you have to be a little more creative. One way to completely hide them is by simply leaning a picture against the wall.

Clip Pictures and Postcards

If you have a cable running along a wall, you can actually make use of it to hang pictures or postcards on it and decorate the wall.

Use Wire Conduits

While this idea is more elaborate and committing, you can use a piece of tubing to hide several cords and wires and even make it a decor feature.

A DIY TV Shelf

This shelf has one purpose – to hide the TV cables, but it makes an awesome rustic accent too.

Create Cable Art

When all else fails and there’s simply no way to hide or camouflage the cables, make them a decor feature and create art. You can paint them, wrap them in rope or beading, and use just a little creativity to create artistic shapes.

Cable art