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Even if you have a beautiful home interior with luxurious finishes and paint, it doesn’t guarantee a prospective buyer will want to see any of it if the exterior is lacking. So, it’s important to keep up with home maintenance and ensure that your exterior is in tip-top shape.

Below are some easy ways to increase your home’s curb appeal to attract buyers:

Properly Clean Your House

One of the first steps to increasing your home’s value is by starting with the basics like cleaning. Don’t paint or plant any new foliage without first taking this important step. You can either do it yourself and rent a power washer to take off the years of dirt and grime or simply hire a professional.

Pro tip: If you want to do more extensive exterior remodeling, it makes more sense to go to a professional and get approved for a renovation financing plan. This will set you up for success and make your budget more structured.

Freshen Up the Paint

This is one of the simplest changes you can make. New paint makes the house feel almost-new and may increase the value of your house up to $2,000.

Change Up Your Door

Get a new door or paint your old one: A new door is a great way to give your house an inexpensive facelift. Even if you can’t afford a completely new door, you can simply paint it to add some brightness to the exterior. Make sure it matches the rest of your house and that you take steps to prep the surface before you begin painting.

An antique or funky doorknob: Another idea is to install a unique doorknob. Again, you should make sure it complements the color and style of your house.

Decorative wreath: Add a front door wreath which can be changed out based on the seasons.

Redo Your Roof

A new roof can add huge value to your home. In fact, according to research, a new roof adds to a home’s resale value by almost $12,000.

Add a Doormat

A welcoming doormat makes your house feel more homey and also serves a functional purpose: keeping dirt outside.

Upgrade Your Mailbox

You can either add a simple front door mailbox that easily installs right next to the main entrance or, if you have a mailbox near the road, you can find a new mail box for a very economical price. However, when you do anything with your mailbox, you should make sure that you are following city building regulations.

Paint or Install New House Numbers

Are your house numbers looking a little sad and faded? Have someone professionally repaint the numbers or purchase new numbers.

Porch Upgrades

Install porch curtains to make your porch feel like it’s merely an extension of the interior. Or add a porch swing to make it feel more inviting and fun. Consider using potted plants outside to liven things up a bit. All that’s missing is a porch party during the summer with your nearest and dearest!

Change the Outdoor Lighting

If your exterior lights are looking dull and overly yellow, it might be time to upgrade. Strategize your lighting system so it adequately lights the entryway and adds style. If you want a set of unique fixtures to set your home apart, you should check salvage store or antique shops.

You should also consider adding in landscape lighting. Display your beautiful foliage at night with landscape lighting. It will also help your guests find the main entryway in darker conditions.

Use Flower Boxes

A natural pop of color provides your house with a cheerful ambiance. So, add a few flower boxes which you can either make yourself or buy them for a fairly cheap price. Don’t forget to water them, though!

In Summary

If you’re selling your house, the first thing prospective buyers will notice is the exterior of the home. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to make your home look better, it might just take a little bit of gardening and cleaning, for example. You can also do more extensive work and enjoy a higher resale value – sometimes, just repainting your house can increase the home’s value by thousands. Use these tips to help plan your curb appeal strategy and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful house in no time.