10 Reasons to Modify Your New Found Home According to Your Personality

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Did you know that you can use decor to reveal your personality to the world? In fact, according to experts, the use of interior design in homes can help reflect the owner’s personality and character.

That’s why, just the same way every one of us is different, so are the various homes within our neighborhood. And therefore, the fact that one person, for example, loves the sight of bulky couches in their living room, shouldn’t be used to measure their worthiness when being compared to those who prefer small seats. Also, it’s for this very reason, that homeowners should always strive to use their space to tell their personalized stories.

But what happens in case you have to move? Will you maintain the house the way you found it or will you conduct a few changes? If you find yourself confused, here are a few reasons as to why you should consider modifying your newfound a home to suit your personality.

What's Inside?

Seats Reveal How Hospitable You Are

The first thing visitors notice the moment they walk into a home is mainly furniture. Why? Because in most homes, the living room is the first room in the house and obviously that’s where guests sit and a lot of catching up takes place here. So if you’re the kind of person who loves being around people, then your sitting area should be large and of course with enough seats. You might also find yourself going for a two-living roomed house as compared to a single one. Reason being, you simply love entertaining and the more people you can host, the better.

On the other hand, if you love your space and the presence of another person makes you uncomfortable, then it’s better to settle for fewer chairs. After all, you don’t have to spend so much on items that won’t be used.

So typically, when people see enough space to sit, they make an unconscious reminder that they can come visiting again. But if they had to stand during chats, then the probability of them wanting to revisit is almost 0%. No one wants to feel like an intruder. Hence, make a point to make this clear from the amount of furniture in your house. Though there are some people who simply don’t get it no matter how hard you try!

Accessorizing Tells Your Personal Story

accent cloth

It’s often believed that individuals decorate their spaces with things that tell their life story. This is because, naturally, human beings love carrying a piece of their past with them. Strange accessories speak of where you have been as a person, how that impacts your present life and what you love surrounding yourself with. It’s like telling your entire life story in a minute.

For example, if you love traveling a lot, someone entering your home for the first time can clearly see some of the unique collections from all over the world. Could be wall hangings, sculptures, etc.

If your decorations involve a lot of extensive things, then it easily qualifies you as a collector. And people will have to appreciate the value you place on your stuff, understand you at a personal level and choose whether they can keep up with your interests or not. It’s a creative way of sharing your experiences.

Countertops Speak of Your Culinary Skills

If you love to have your kitchen counters entirely clear, then it could simply mean that you don’t have time to fix anything in there. Yes, the seamless appearance this look offers might be one to die for, but it gives a cold reception to guests who intend to have something at your place.

We mean, if you can’t stand the sight of even the smallest appliance, what makes them think you can get “dirty” for their sake? So if this isn’t the message you want to send to anyone who visits your place, then you better go easy with that overly neat and bare counter-top. You can intentionally keep a couple of things up there to achieve a comfortable appeal. Also, a person who loves cooking will have the latest appliances in place.

Use of Colors to Reveal Your Nature

If you’re a very expressive person who loves arguing their way out of situations, then you’re likely to have loud colorful interiors. You take advantage of situations for your benefit and are quite confident. You know what you want, go for it and don’t mind what people think about it. Neutral colors, on the other hand, work for peacemakers. Individuals who would do anything to walk out of arguments. You should, however, strive to find a balance between the two as life is more enjoyable that way. Besides, using 100% neutral could come out as boring.

Floor Plans Indicate Your Privacy Needs

One of the most important thing that individuals look out for when searching for a home is its floor layout. While some people prefer a more closed design such that each room is separate, others wouldn’t mind sharing amenities and would offer anything to have an open floor plan in place.

There are also various shades and designs in the market to suit your house’s layout. So if privacy is one of your top priority, then you might want to showcase that by getting rid of that open plan for a closed one. This way, visitors in your house will know from the word go, that there are set boundaries and they can’t just walk into any room they want. At least not without your permission. While this might make some of them uncomfortable, it’s always better to be clear rather than develop misunderstandings.

But if you’re okay letting everyone in every area of your home, then an open space would do the trick. This could be an ideal design especially for close family members within the same age group. Or better yet, a young family with small kids all over the place. That way, it’s easy to know who entered where bond as you share activities and plus confinement couldn’t get any better.

Pieces of Art Speak of Your Deep Thoughts and Conversations

Using art as part of your decor is not only a beautiful way of complimenting other fixtures but a uniquely clever one as well. You see, when you take your time to pick various pieces of art, you are trying to place yourself out there as a deep-thinker even when you aren’t aware of it. You see, the moment visitors walk into a home with various artistic wall hangings, it becomes very easy to strike a conversation. So by displaying them, it means you’re open for objective conversations and aren’t afraid of putting your mind out there. This is especially, important if you’re some sort of painter or simply love artworks.

Remember some of these collections, are valued at very high prices and some individuals can’t even place a monetary value on what they love. This also applies to hang some pieces with classic quotes all over your living room. They all speak of undying energy and passion to be uniquely successful.

Using the Victorian Decor Showcases Sophistication and Elegance

Being elegant and sophisticated aren’t attained by just mere words. You have to live and possess that lifestyle. In other words, you should be able to make people feel like they have stepped into a highly expensive modern upper-class world. And to achieve this, you will have to carefully select amazing prints and match them with incredible pieces of classic colors. A wowing effect is what you should aspire to achieve. So if a classic theme is your mantra then, you now know where to start with the changes.

Same Designs to Indicate Consistency

If you’re the kind of person who is comfortable being who you are and what you have been able to achieve, then chances are that you want everything in your house to be the same. You would work hard to ensure each room carries a trace of similarity with the previous one. And by this, you tend to stick to one design of furniture and flooring. And by this you often find yourself going for either medium, dark or light.

In this case, people will know that you carry that kind of seriousness to every area of your life. For example, you prefer long-term relationships as opposed to flings and don’t like moving jobs or places without a valid reason. Some people might see this as a way of avoiding change, but in the real sense, you’re the kind of individual who knows what they want from the start and stick to it no matter the circumstances. You probably make a great best friend as well. And those who know you, admire you for this.

Well Kept Garden Breathes Happiness

There is always a good feeling that comes with the sight of a well-kept garden. It’s often said that the owner of the house is in the same state as their garden. So literally, if you’re a happy person and are content with life, then your outer space will be blossoming with flowers.

You see, it’s often said that first impressions matter, so you can typically trigger the mood of your visitors through gardening. You get to instantly change their mood for the better or worse depending on what you let them see the moment you open that gate. After all, there must be a reason as to why most families in movies are normally seen planting flowers at one point, right?

Additionally, the type of plants you have in your space speaks volumes. As we all know, red roses are equated to love, white one’s pureness and any brightly colored plant/flowers equal joy. But what about the dull ones? Bad mood perhaps? Or is it a loner? Be careful about the message you put out there. Remember the cleanliness of a hoe starts from the inside. So don’t shine on the outside only to let your guts down in interior decor.

Clutter Means Clinging to The Past

Do you have past monsters that you can’t seem to let go? Well, experts believe that if you do, then you’re likely to be disorganized and disoriented. And that also means nothing makes sense to you in your present world. So you have simply let things fall apart. This is more visible on individuals suffering from depression, heartbreaks or any given sort of disappointments.

It might also be an indication that you aren’t ready to move on or provide room for new things in your life. So imagine if someone walked into your house only to find it in a mess! Chances are that they will think you have some unresolved issues and you need to declutter.

That’s why you will hear someone asking if everything is okay. Well, if that isn’t your intention, then you better start cleaning those before you get your loved ones worried. Of course, they will understand when you need help so don’t be afraid to ask for one. But if you want to send an indirect message of distress, then you can as well sleep in the clutter! But we do hope you never get to that point.

That said, this could only mean that being neat sends an exact opposite message; you love your present life and are willing to face the future. It’s also an indication that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. And that could include going to the gym to keep fit or even working hard for a promotion.

The way your house looks speak volumes about your personality. So if you haven’t been taking your decor details seriously, then it’s time to reconsider. However, remember that as much as house designing is an incredible adventure, we are all different and that means what works for you might not necessarily do the same for a friend. Therefore, it’s advisable to see every piece of detail you choose for your new house as a form of communication. You simply can’t pick what you don’t like. It’s that simple. So focus on making that space ideal for you.

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