It’s always the little things that make a surprising difference in most areas of life, including home decor. Yes, the big essentials like furniture, wall paint, layout and style are what makes the decor, but the spicing that comes in little details is what differentiates between good and great decor.

Since we always strive to be great, we need that spice, those little things that make all the difference. Here are 10 of them to up your home decor game.

Create Artful Displays

The key to creating great displays is using similar display items in their shape, texture and color. Think of it as creating one statement piece rather than a collection of many different items that have no relation between each other.

Use Multiples

More of the same thing can have a very high impact in home decor. Two lamps always make a statement with added symmetry, multiple mirrors with the same or similar frames add more depth to the room, similar pictures create a pattern, and so on. It extends to big decor pieces like furniture too.

Moderate What You Display

Moderation is key to stylish decor. You never want to display everything you own, it would be like putting on all the clothes and jewelry you have at the same time. Display only a small portion of it and rotate items regularly.

Set the Table in Style

Home decor extend beyond to the permanent look of the space, and occasional events like dinner parties are equally important. Up your table setting game with pattern napkins, nice plates, accessories and flowers.

Bring Out the Stool

The versatility of this small and affordable piece of furniture is truly remarkable. Stools aren’t good just for seating, use them as a surface to create a display in any corner of your¬†home. If a stool lacks height, use books to elevate it.

Use Seasonal Decor

Another season, another reason to change up your decor accessories and it’s a cheap (sometimes free) way to make it interesting. Use fresh flowers, pine cones, tree branches, seashells and other accents subject to the current season.

Cheap But Pretty Accessories

You don’t need expensive accessories to add pops of color, texture and shapes to your home decor. Simple things like fruit, flowers, etc. make great decor items that you can easily add to your displays.

Embrace the Rule of Thirds

You may know that things look most visually pleasing when they come in threes. The reason behind that is actually the rule of thirds or the golden ratio that’s the staple of design. To put it simply, divide a space in thirds and use one third as the focal point. So besides creating vignettes of three objects (or groups of objects) you have to make sure they aren’t all alike and make one piece the accent.

You can use this rule in any aspect of home decor, from painting the walls, to furniture arrangement, hanging wall art, and arranging accessories.

Motivational Art

We are convinced that every home needs this. Your home should make you feel good about yourself, so collect inspirational quotes, prints and posters to frame them as art and lift your mood up when it needs lifting.

Install Sconce Spotlights

The right lighting can transform the decor completely, of course it doesn’t always come cheap. Add spotlights over display cabinets or tabletops with sconces as an inexpensive but effective lighting alternative.

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